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ISBN- 978-81-261-4932-2

Jitendra Sharma
Sri Aurobindo considered himself firstly to be a poet. His profound and spiritual outpourings of poetic inspiration chart a new course for Man, heralding the emergence of a new species of Superman. His verses describe beautifully, with an aroma of the spirituality of India, the appearance of Man on earth and the stages of evolution. He believes that man's travails, sufferings and death have a purpose in the scheme of evolution of human consciousness. Man is a transitional being constantly driven by an impulse to exceed himself and evolve towards divine consciousness, harmony and joy.

Sri Aurobindo, the most radical spiritual poet, points out rich potentialities of Man beyond normal imaginations. The poet prophetically describes the transcendence of man as the consummation of earthly evolution and the emergence of a supramental race on earth. In this illuminating doctoral thesis, the author brings out Sri Aurobindo's concept of Man in his poetry.

Dr. Jitendra Sharma graduated from the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, Pondicherry. As a student, he had the privilege of corresponding regularly with the Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram. He obtained the Master's Degree in French from Karnatak University Dharwar and had M.Phil. in French from the Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad. For one year, he studied in the Stendhal University of Grenoble in France. He has contributed numerous articles to various journals and participated in more than 80 national/international Seminars, Workshops and Conferences. He heads the Department of French at St. Joseph's College, Devagiri, Calicut (Kerala) where he tries to implement Sri Aurobindo's education methodology in his teaching profession.
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ISBN- 81-261-2568-3

Philosophy is noting but the process of scientific thinking of the subject. Analysis emerged when humans started thinking. Analysis has always, thus played a very important role in each and every field of knowledge. In the twentieth century the Great Philosophers, who were great mathematicians and scientists stressed on Analytical Approach not only in the field of Epistemology- the theory of knowledge and the theory of perception but also in the field of Metaphysics- the concept of self, mind or ultimate reality, Ethics- the concept of mortality or value and Aesthetic- the concept of beauty.

Nothing is certain even today despite great efforts of such great analysis. Can Metaphysics, ethics or aesthetics be described in terms of analysis like the other aspects of knowledge?

This is a big question facing all the Great Philosophers.

This book is about such Great Philosophers who are established analysts.

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ISBN- 81-261-2903-4

Drama is an ancient version of performing art. In general sense, the term 'Drama' refers to any work which is meant to be profound on a stage by actors. A more particular meaning is a serious play; not necessarily tragedy. Drama is an ancient and popular literary genre. While a play refers to a dramatic work which is designed to be presented on a stage (or in a television studio0 and performed by actors and actresses (i.e. dramatis personae).

The present work, in four volumes, contains vital information on all the great dramatists. All leading dramatists/playwrights, representing past and present, from the world over find place in this monumental work.

Alphabetically arranged by name, their biographical sketch, theories propounded, works authored, critiques and other significant achievements are explained elaborately.

Definitely, this work will benefit students, researchers and teachers of literature besides the performing artistes.

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ISBN- 81-7041-537-6

A single book is the chief repertory of knowledge on any important subject. Wile, therefore, epitomes of information are more frequent than every, epitomes of particular authors have become rare. The canon, also, is a classification difficult to maintain in presence of the extreme complexity of modern literature. In the modern literature the principle of the canon is less easy of application, on account of the difficulty of establishing an absolute criterion of style, and also of its greater complexity and variety. The supreme perfection of prose style the felicitous expression to which nothing can be added and from which nothing can be taken away, has perhaps, hardly ever been attained but by those authors of the first rank with whom the modern world has least concern.

Two systems have been followed in these volumes, each of which has its advantages, The first, especially recommendable for poetical complications, is the system of fastidious severity, which can only be carried out by a compiler of exquisite taste and on consummate judgment. Another principle may here be involved, and the selection may in a manner be entrusted to the public suffrage, those pieces being especially chosen which are known to have appealed with special force to the general heart and conscience.

The Encyclopaedia will be of great interest to the research scholars and to the literary person but will be of general interest to those who love literature without any barriers of language or country.

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